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Transportation Appointment


Please fully read/review/acknowledge that you: I.E. Your Company; Your Drivers: understand and will comply with our Transport Policy before scheduling an appointment and when picking up unit’s from our facility:


React Recovery LLC will require a Certificate of Insurance prior to entry for any Transport Company entering our lot. 

Completion of a Site Entry Agreement Form  (Email to request this Form,  prior to your appointment), as well as listing React Recovery LLC as Additional Insured for each Transportation Company and providing us with a Certificate of Insurance via email PRIOR to any transportation appointment will be a requirement to transport from our lot. 

Appointment is required-Must be Confirmed. Do not show up without receiving a confirmation. It is your responsibility to list a good contact number/email to send a confirmation to. If you do not receive a confirmation it is your responsibility to contact our office via email: to obtain confirmation.

  • Rollback & Wrecker ONLY lot. *Absolutely no trailers of any length are permitted*

  • Minimum 24 Hour Advance required with a scheduled appointment.

  • ***All transport verification/qualification is done via our website: & is available 24/7.

  • ***Qualification for Transportation is done by clicking "Book Appointment", then click: "Qualify VIN".

  • Parking at/ Blocking/Loading at ANY neighboring business is STRICTLY prohibited. I.E. Do not block/park/load at any neighboring business.

  • Do not park/load in/block the road; Show up at your appointed time and back onto the lot following all appropriate safety precautions, in order to safely load. Loading on the highway is PROHIBITED.

  •  Appointment times are strict and to be followed. Failure to show up for your appointment time will result in the transporter having to reschedule. If you are a no call/no show or do not cancel your appointment the day prior, you may be subject to a restocking fee of $125.00 per unit.


  • An electronic Bill Of Lading is required when scheduling an appointment. If  you are unable to get the document to upload , please email it directly to: for review. We do not accept handwritten BOL's. Appointment request will not be confirmed until we are in receipt of this. We also must obtain a valid government issued photo ID of the driver picking up the unit(s)

  • Attention: Appointment Only-ALL units scheduled for a specific appointment date/time must be transported from our lot at the scheduled date/time. If all units cannot be taken at the scheduled date/time, a separate appointment date/time will need to be scheduled to transport the unit’s unable to be taken at the original appointment date/time, i.e., if 2 are scheduled for 10:00am appointment, those 2 MUST transport at 10:00am.

  • We do not assist in loading. No exceptions.


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