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Scheduling Process

Vehicle/Property Appointment

Please fully review our guidelines for the redemption process.
We are happy to assist you in redeeming your vehicle / personal property.

Appointment is required and must be confirmed.
You may request an appointment utilizing the link below. Do not arrive without a confirmed appointment.

  • Do not park at any neighboring/adjacent businesses or block the roadway.

  • Park beside gate at our facility- at your appointment time and a React Agent will assist you; Do not block gate.

  • Only the registered owner/co-signer may inquire information, and come to the redemption appointment.

  • Occasionally, a third party release may be obtained instead- This is at the sole discretion of your lienholder, and a third party release form must be sent to us from the Lienholder prior to the appointment being confirmed in order for an alternate person to redeem a vehicle or personal property.​

  • Government-Issued Photo ID is required at your appointment.

  • Any fees due for redemption must be paid by cash/exact change only. Once your appointment is confirmed you will be notified in that confirmation of any fee's that are due and the location.

  • Confirmations will not be sent until we have received the proper release paperwork from your lienholder; If paperwork is not received at the time in which you request an appointment the request may be declined as we must have authorization from your lienholder in order to release a vehicle.

  • In the event we do not receive redemption paperwork from your lienholder, the appointment request will be declined. An appointment request is required AND must be confirmed. You may request an appointment utilizing the link below. Do not arrive without a confirmed appointment. If you have not received a confirmation within 24hrs of your requested appointment time, Please contact our office via email:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you enter a valid phone number and or email in order to receive a text/email confirmation.

  • In the event you are unable to arrive to your scheduled appointment for a vehicle pick up and you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hrs you may be subject to a restocking fee.

  • All personal property in the unit must be retrieved at one personal property appointment-this is inclusive also of the License Plate (if removable) and any paperwork containing PII.


  • It is the responsibility of the registered owner to arrange transportation for redeeming a vehicle from our lot. No vehicles may be left outside our gate / at our facility- nor at any neighboring businesses / adjacent parking areas.

  • All vehicles are photographed and fully inventoried and stored securely in order to offer the highest level of security for your vehicle and belongings.

  • Please be advised, The following items are not stored and are disposed of:

  • Illegal Drugs/Pills not contained in a proper prescription container
    Drug Paraphernalia
    Any Liquid-IE, Cleaning Supplies, Soft Drinks, Lotions, Perfumes, etc.
    Any Perishable Foods, Or any Opened Unperishable Foods
    Anything Flammable or explosive-IE, Fireworks, Gas Cans, Butane Cylinders, Etc.
    Anything deemed to be garbage

    *This list is not inclusive and all items are subject to the discretion of a React Manager. Should any item be deemed hazardous to store OR remove from a vehicle, it shall not be stored or removed.

  • The following items will not be removed from the vehicle:
    Any factory equipment (i.e. Floor Mats, Owners Manuals, etc.)

  • -Any non-factory equipment that is hard-wired or bolted onto the vehicle. (i.e. Sound Systems, Aftermarket Stereos, Aftermarket Wheels, Camera Systems, Toolboxes, etc.)
    -Anything mounted or held on with any assorted adhesive that by removing would risk damaging any part of the vehicle.

  • Please note: There is a zero-tolerance policy for harassment-All calls may be monitored or recorded as advised when you call our office before you press an extension. Please refrain from any abusive/berating behavior.

  • Failure to follow instructions may result in your appointment being canceled.

    For further assistance- email: - Ensure to include your name-best phone number/email to reach you-Year/Make/Model & Last 6 digits of the VIN the request is in reference to in order to further assist. Please refrain from making multiple inquiries in reference to the same VIN within a 24 hr timeframe as this will cause a delay in the response in which you receive.

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